About Dr. McNeilly

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with nearly forty years of clinical experience, research, and teaching, including full time faculty at Duke University Medical Center Departments of Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine.

My main therapeutic approach is mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy – a type of therapy that scientific research has shown works! I see our relationship as equal and collaborative, and I tailor treatment to meet your individual needs. I’m on most insurance panels, including Medicare, and am happy to submit claims for you.image of Dr. Maya McNeilly

Because one of my core values is serving community, 15% of all income is donated to the Hope James Foundation – a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to building community through humanitarian efforts. In the words of Mother Teresa, “I do not serve because people are broken. I serve because people are holy,” Learn how you can support these efforts or apply for support for your charitable project or organization at www.hopejamesfoundation.org.

I also work with a collaborative network of caring practitioners from various fields. Together our mission is to promote well being in the Triangle and surrounding area.

Collaborative Services include partnerships with:
Other psychotherapists to meet the needs of individuals, couples, families, and groups
Physicians in both Traditional and Integrative medicine disciplines
Holistic, body and energy therapists
Mindfulness meditation practioners
Physical therapists
Therapeutic touch therapists
Expressive arts therapists (including creative art, writing and movement)
Spiritually-based therapists
Pastoral Care counselors
Animal-assisted therapy providers
Horticulture therapy providers

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