Corporate Work

Dr. McNeilly has done extensive work in the corporate sector and for many community, church, and civic groups.   She is skilled at developing and delivering corporate programs that promote wellness and well being at the work site.

With her background as a published researcher and academician, she is able to design studies and collect and analyze data to evaluate the efficacy of such interventions when desired. She has conducted a number of workshops, retreats, lunch and learn series, and talks for companies such as Cisco, Blue Cross Blue Shield, North Carolina Mutual Insurance, Eisai, Organon Teknika, WRAL-TV, Carolina Parent, Duke Medical Center, Durham Regional Hospital, Maria Parham Hospital, Women’s’ Centers, Wake County Public Schools, and for many community, church, and civic groups.

Examples of topics she has presented include, but are not been limited to, traditional areas such as stress management, smoking cessation, parenting, humor, communication skills, balancing life and work, assertiveness training, critical incident debriefing, identifying the troubled employee, working with difficult people, conflict resolution, dealing with depression and anxiety, channeling emotions toward better health, spirituality and health, meditation and health, taking charge with successful health behaviors, corporate team building, boosting self esteem, energy boosters at work, etc. More non-traditional courses she has offered include Mindfulness Meditation for health and stress reduction, T’ai Chi for health, massage/reiki/and healing touch for health and stress relief, food and mood, spiritual approaches to health and healing, principles of aikido (the way of harmony) for conflict resolutions, touch and energy exchange to enhance intimacy (for couples), and many others.

She is available upon request and is happy to discuss and develop programs that best meet your clients’ needs.

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